There is a very special promotion in place for Hill Top residents who are learning to drive

Learning to drive can be costly and this is the reason why

Tim Clarke responds to assisting parents to keep the cost for

 driving lessons at a reasonable & fair price.

Girly Nails promotion has been a great success with

 vouchers being presented to students to spend at Girly Nails in Tahmoor

This promotion is still ongoing which is randomly selected

 and at no cost to the student or Girly Nails

The time is right for a new promotion to assist families

with teenage learners to drive at a reasonable cost

Tim Clarke also owns Bowral & Mittagong Driving School and there

 is a very special promotion in place 

Mittagong testing area is 17 km from Hill Top and Tim can

 provide a practice lesson within the time frame for only $60

This is super cheap and great value  

The Best Instructor is Tim Clarke, ask your friends