Tim's Hilltop Driving School

Serving Hill Top SINCE 1975

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Celebrating 48 years

NOTICE Tim is not taking new bookings until 14th NOVEMBER 2022

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Will you be prepared for your Driving Test

             Tim will be booked for more than 3 weeks,

  What are you going to do do about it?

Imparting knowledge and skill 

This is for  Hilltop, Tahmoor, Picton, Wollondilly, Bowral, Mittagong.

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    Congratulations for choosing the best service

     Lesson cost is $80 for 1hour & thirty minutes hours

Helping parents with the cost $80 for two 1.30 min

The Cost is: $60 for 1 hour

 Two hours $100

On the day of your Test 3 hour $180

Your car same price

No Ute service

No 4 X 4  $ervice

 e-mail: lbt@australiamail.com 

Tim Clarke is the proprietor and

also Bowral Mittagong since 1975,

Imparting knowledge and skill for 47 years 

This year2021 we celebrate the progress of Hill Top 

             Contact Mobile: 0408-426379

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NOTICE: ...If you do not show for on two occasions

Your future appointments will be forfeited (cancelled)

and no further appointments will be accepted

We provide3 Automatic only

Should you need to drive

Manual you must provide

Champion  Students

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     Mistakes made by students

1.      When contacting a driving school and you address your introduction as ‘HEY Mate’

2.       You will not get a esponse

3.      You send a text without adding your name & location You will not get a esponse

4.      As a student with a polite attitude and respect for others you should do well

5.      Tim has no time for anyone with a bad attitude, as it’s the playground for the BULLY

6.      Every day on the roads the bully displays their mannerism and cause accidents

7.     To cancel a lesson because it is raining is neglecting a serious responsibility to be a safe driver. Without this practice you are likely to have or cause an accident. You have only one life

8.      Compare what friends tell you about driving is taking your attention off what is correct You will become the Driver With No Brain

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